(WIOA) Titles I-A and I-B Policy & Procedure Manual

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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1) Administration and Governance

Chapter 2) The One-Stop (Job Center) Delivery System

Chapter 3) Program Funding and Grants Management

Chapter 4) Fiscal Management

Chapter 5) Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

Chapter 6) Complaints, Grievances, and Appeals

Chapter 7) Individual Training Accounts and Eligible Training Programs

Chapter 8) Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs

Chapter 9) Rapid Response

  • 9.1 Introduction and Overview
  • 9.2 Rapid Response Funding
  • 9.3 Rapid Response Program Design
  • 9.4 Layoff Notices
  • 9.5 Rapid Response Activities and Process
  • 9.6 Dislocated Worker Survey
  • 9.7 Rapid Response Events Tracking System

Chapter 10) Youth Program

Chapter 11) Performance Accountability and Reporting

Chapter 12) File Documentation

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