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Part 7: Fraud and Quality Control

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Concealment (Fraud)

Failure to report information that affects your eligibility for unemployment benefits may be an act of fraud. Falsely reporting any information on your initial claim application or weekly claim certifications may also be an act of fraud. The penalties for fraud and concealment are severe. They include:

In addition to penalties, you must also repay any overpaid benefits.

Multiple detection systems are used to detect people who fail to report working and earning wages while claiming unemployment benefits. To avoid an overpayment and possible penalties, report your wages in the week the work is performed and the wages are earned.

The UI program is a partnership among employers, claimants and the department. All parties must do their part to deter fraud and abuse. Report suspected or known violations to the department at https://dwd.wisconsin.gov/ui/fraud/report.htm.

Overpayment Recovery

If you are paid more unemployment benefits than you are eligible to receive for any week(s), you will be notified in writing that you have been overpaid. The amount of the overpayment will be automatically deducted from any later unemployment payment(s) that are payable to you. If there are no later benefits payable or there is still an outstanding overpayment amount after later benefit payment(s) are withheld, you will be responsible to repay the balance of the overpayment.

Quality Control Program

The purpose of the Quality Control Program is to detect and reduce error and fraud in the UI program. The records of a sample group of claimants, selected each week at random, are audited by Quality Control staff. We use the information from the audit to test the accuracy of and improve the UI program.

If selected, failure to meet with the investigator and provide complete and accurate information on the questionnaire will result in the suspension of benefits until you do so.

Updated: October 13, 2020

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