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Paige Parr - Project SEARCH Statewide Coordinator

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Project SEARCH - For Students, Parents, and Guardians

Learn more about the benefits and opportunities Project SEARCH provides individuals with disabilities. To learn more about enrollment, internship opportunities, curriculum, and more, contact the specific site by visiting the Locations page.

For information about the different partners involved, visit the Partners page.

Annual Project Search Schedule


Applications for Project SEARCH sites are usually distributed in Jan/Feb for enrollment into the program that will begin the fall of that same year. Each site has specific criteria required to participate in their program and that criteria is measured during an Assessment Day in early Spring. If you have questions regarding the application process for a specific site, please do not hesitate to reach out to the site contact listed in the

Locations page

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  • If the consumer is attending as a high school student, their high school will pay the program fee for Project SEARCH.
  • If you are an adult attending Project SEARCH long-term support pays the program fee.
    • An individual can private pay if they are not connected to a high school and do not have long-term supports.
  • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) funds the vocational side of Project SEARCH for all consumers. Individuals must have an active DVR case.

Each site has their own process and application. Please contact the site for more information. Applications are typically available November-January.

Every day, students report to the host business, and spend time in a classroom setting learning life and employability skills. Courses taught by the local service provider partner include:

  • Team Building
  • Workplace Safety
  • Technology
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Maintaining Employment
  • Financial Literacy
  • Health and Wellness
  • Preparing for Employment
  • Social and communication
  • Building healthy Relationships at Work

Project SEARCH offers internship opportunities at many different industries and business settings. Some internship experiences include:

  • Healthcare
    • Emergency Department
      • Clean patient rooms
      • Fill blanket warmers
      • Band together blood test tubes
      • Stock rooms with linens
      • Stock IV buckets
      • Transport patients to CT department
      • Put urine sample kits together
      • Bring full linen bags to the soiled utility room.
    • Environmental Services
      • Stock cleaning cart
      • Clean alcoves outside patient rooms
      • Clean patient rooms and patient bathrooms
      • Clean waiting areas and waiting area bathrooms
      • Dust mop patient and non-patient areas
      • Help set up/tear down conference/meeting/classrooms
      • Take out trash
      • Clean unit kitchens
    • Outpatient Therapies- Pediatrics
      • Disinfect toys by using hospital chemicals
      • Prep new waterbeds
      • Clean treatment rooms
      • Stock linens in rooms
      • Put address labels on envelopes
      • Put together protocol binders
      • Clean waiting room
      • Clean bathrooms
      • Help with creating tools for therapists to use with patients
  • Education
    • Classroom preparation
    • Project preparation
    • Assist teachers and staff in a classroom setting
    • Interacting with adults and children during classes
  • Manufacturing
    • Custodial
      • Wash tables & chairs in the breakrooms
      • Stock supplies in break rooms (cups, condiments, coffee, napkins, etc.)
      • Wash counters/microwaves in break rooms
      • Clean sinks throughout the facility
      • Sweep up messes in break rooms
      • Replenish cleaning supplies
      • Cut rags when delivered
    • Shipping & Receiving
      • Find and pull orders
      • Put together kitting kits
      • Deliver products to the packing department
      • Deliver or pick up orders in various departments around the facility
    • Electronics
      • Pull orders off the computer
      • Select the correct mold form to use & set it up
      • Select the correct mold template from the computer that makes the sheets
      • Stack the molds in boxes
      • Deliver molds to departments as needed
      • Attend staff meetings
  • Business
    • Business Support Operations
      • Assemble and label different mailings
      • Restock credenzas
      • Laminate materials
      • Assemble boxes and clips of different sizes
    • Retail Services
      • Stock and organize inventory
      • Check sizes and arrange inventory
      • Rotate perishable items
      • Restock the drink coolers
      • Price items
      • Greet customers
      • Operate cash registers
    • Landscaping/Grounds
      • Inspect/blow off walkways around campus
      • Assist with picking up branches from tree pruning
      • Rake turf areas, pick up pinecones
      • Check trails, clear off any debris
      • Assist with flower bed and garden maintenance
      • Collect trash from outdoor cans
      • Clean/detail company vehicles
      • Clean remote building/shop
  • Non-traditional
    • Aquatic and Reptile Center
      • Aquatic and Reptile Center
      • Cleaning the Cricket cages
      • Preparing the Tortoise salads
      • Harvesting Brine Shrimp
      • Harvesting Fruit flies
      • Harvesting Mealworms
      • Housekeeping/Cleaning
  • Follows the rules of the host business.
  • Attends daily employability skills class and reports to the internship ready to learn.
  • Shows up each day in the proper clothes demonstrating good hygiene and grooming.
  • Uses effective communication skills.
  • Learns and demonstrates skills that meet managers’ expectations.
  • Develops advocacy skills (this includes leading employment planning meetings).
  • Applies for jobs that match the skills learned in Project SEARCH.
  • Completes steps needed for the intern to become eligible for community services.
  • Helps the intern with their goals to gain a competitive job in the community.
  • Supports the intern with attendance, hygiene, grooming, and other personal skills.
  • Takes part in Employment Planning Meetings to discuss progress, job goal, issues, etc.

Participating interns will receive a maintenance payment through DVR to assist interns with maintenance and personal costs while participating in the rotation portion of Project SEARCH.