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Paige Parr - Project SEARCH Statewide Coordinator

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Project SEARCH - For Partners

Project SEARCH is a collaborative program administered in Wisconsin by the Department of Workforce Development Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). Each partner has a key role in helping to ensure the program interns receive the support, education, and work skills to prepare them for competitive employment in the community.

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DVR oversees all Project SEARCH programs in Wisconsin, provides a vocational rehabilitation counselor to assist with Project SEARCH interns, and provides the funding to hire an instructor at each site.

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and/or Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist

  • Joins the Project SEARCH team in intern selection, job search, and improvement efforts
  • Receives Project SEARCH referrals and determines if interns are eligible for services
  • Provides input to the team for the career goals of the interns
  • Coordinates other supports and services as needed to reach career goals for the interns

The educational partner hires the instructor for the program. This could via a School District, CESA or Vocational Provider based on the program.

Project SEARCH Instructor

  • Facilitates the yearly calendar of events for the program
  • Works with the Steering Committee to recruit and select interns
  • Develops internships (this includes task lists and VocFit Assessment)
  • Plans and delivers the Project SEARCH employability skills curriculum
  • Works with team members to match interns to internships
  • Plans and implements the Employment Planning Meetings
  • Works with the team to ensure the intern reaches the goal of competitive employment
  • Assists intern to become eligible for long-term employment support, when needed

Administrator (School and Supported Employment Agency)

  • Hires Project SEARCH instructor or skills trainers
  • Joins the Project SEARCH team in intern selection, job search, and improvement efforts
  • Provides overall support, problem solving, and planning for the staff and program
  • Assists with issues such as compliance, data collection, and reports

Business Liaison

  • Works with the Steering Committee to recruit and select interns
  • Markets Project SEARCH throughout the host business and to like businesses
  • Recruits departments to host internships
  • Helps the interns, instructor, and skills trainers be successful in the host business culture
  • Promotes hiring of interns for openings that are a good fit with their skills and interests

Department Manager / Mentor / Co-Worker

  • Identifies orientation and safety training for the internship department
  • Determines tasks, quality, and productivity benchmarks for internship
  • Gives honest feedback to team members
  • Attends Employment Planning Meetings to give updates to the team
  • Advocates for job opportunities and hiring for open positions that are a good fit for interns

Follow Along (Long-Term Developmental Disabilities Service Provider)

  • Provides job-retention support to program graduates
  • Communicates with team members about successes, issues, and helps solve problems
  • Trains new skills and retrains as needed (using systematic instruction) Provides training for co-workers to support the graduate in keeping their job

Project SEARCH Skills Trainer

  • Works with Steering Committee to recruit and select interns
  • Develops internships (this includes task lists and VocFit Assessment)
  • Works with team to match interns to internships
  • Teaches tasks to interns and ensures they gain competitive skills (using job aids as needed)
  • Partners with the managers / mentors to support interns’ progress and solve any challenges

Job Developer (often through the Community Rehabilitation Partner)

  • Attends Employment Planning Meetings to learn more about intern
  • Explores jobs that match interns’ interests and skills
  • Communicates with all team members about jobs options
  • Coordinates job coaching and other job details with all team members
  • Provides reports for Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and other team members

Organizations around the state partner with DVR to provide the day-to-day instruction and support for each Project SEARCH site. The below information includes information, links, and resources for organizations supporting a Wisconsin Project SEARCH site.

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Project SEARCH National Website

Login to the Project SEARCH National website to access information and provide regular updates.


The information included in the above link is for licensed Project SEARCH Teams only. Licensed Project SEARCH teams will be able to access materials such as agendas, training presentations, handouts, and more. You must be a registered WIEXT users to access the site, to become a registerd WIEXT user click the link below.

Technical Assistance (TA) Training Schedule

Technical Assistance (TA) Training Schedule
Training Date Location Time
National Project SEARCH Conference July 15-19, 2024 Albuquerque, New Mexico

Statewide Meeting Schedule

Statewide Meeting Schedule
Date(s) Location Time
October 8, 2024 Virtual 9am-12pm
February 4, 2025 Virtual 9am-12pm
May 6, 2025 Virtual 9am-12pm