Plain Language Summary of Law Changes: 2015 to present

For many decades, every two years, the Worker's Compensation Advisory Council recommends a bill with a series of changes to the Act. In some years, the changes are extensive. In others, the recommended changes are relatively minor. By tradition, the "agreed-upon" changes to the Act are not amended by the Legislature and enjoys the unanimous support of the legislature.

A brief summary of legislative changes to the Worker’s Compensation Act is provided for informational and references purposes. Unless otherwise indicated, the changes take effect January 1st of each even-numbered year. These legislative changes represent the collective wisdom of the Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council about how to distill many diverse points of view—from employees, employers, insurers, health-care providers, attorneys, elected officials and staff—into a "package" that improves the worker's compensation system in Wisconsin.

For copies of plain language summaries from past years, please contact us at (608) 266-1340.