Dane County Job Center Training Schedule

The City of Madison Department of Civil Rights offers free training to job-seekers, employers, and the public regarding equal opportunities laws and employment practices. The Wisconsin Equal Rights Division has partnered with the City of Madison Department of Civil Rights to offer free training regarding laws under both City of Madison and State of Wisconsin jurisdiction. The sessions below marked with an asterisk (*) are presented by both agencies. The sessions not marked with an asterisk are the sole responsibility of the City of Madison Department of Civil Rights.

Until further notice, training sessions are being held virtually. When you register, you will receive a link to the online meeting.

2021 Sessions

Date: First Friday of every month
Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Cost: Free
Register for a training by contacting Jennifer Seese, jennifer.seese@dwd.wisconsin.gov

Date Topic
01/08/2021 *Social Media
02/05/2021 *National Origin/Ancestry Discrimination
03/05/2021 Employment Bias
04/02/2021 *Fair Employment Practices
05/07/2021 *Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity
06/04/2021 *Disability & Genetic Identity
07/09/2021 *Discrimination & Workers Rights
08/06/2021 *Sex & Sexual Harassment
09/03/2021 Homelessness and Physical Appearance Discrimination
10/01/2021 *Race Discrimination
11/05/2021 *Arrest & Conviction Record
12/03/2021 Workplace Equity

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