Individual Special Minimum Wage Licenses

Workers whose disabilities impair their ability to perform their work may be employed under a special minimum wage license issued by the Department of Workforce Development.

The employer must complete an Application for a Special Minimum Wage License in order to be licensed to pay less than the general minimum wage.

Wage Rate

The rates paid must reflect the productivity of the worker compared to the productivity of a worker not disabled for similar work, and to the wages paid to experienced workers performing the same or similar work in the vicinity.

Worker Notification

The employer must inform each worker with a disability - both verbally and in writing - and the parent and/or guardian if appropriate, of the terms of the special minimum wage license under which the worker is employed.

Required Poster

Employers with a special minimum wage license issued by DWD are required to post this Notice to Wisconsin Workers with Disablities Paid at Special Minimum Wage poster.

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