DVR Consumer Mediation Process

  1. Consumer contacts Hearing Coordinator to request mediation

    • Hearing Coordinator notifies WDA Director of consumer's request
    • Hearing Coordinator notifies consumer of WDA Director's decision via preferred method and via post
      • If DVR agrees to mediation, letter to consumer will include ROI and mediator bios to solicit primary and secondary mediator choices
      • For 10 counties, the preferred mediator will be the automatic primary choice
  2. Consumer returns signed ROI and notifies DVR of mediator selection

    • Hearing Coordinator alerts mediator to consumer request, forwards mediator copy of letter to consumer containing instructions to consumer
      • SLT copied on alert
  3. Mediator to contact parties to mediation within two (2) business days once referral received

    • Mediator provides information regarding mediation process
    • Mediator secures convenient, ADA compliant location and time for mediation that must be agreed upon by all parties
    • Mediator determines whether accommodations needed
    • Mediation should be scheduled (allowing at least five days notice to all involved parties) and held within two weeks upon receipt of referral
  4. Mediation services take place

    • Mediation process must be completed within 30 calendar days of receipt of request for mediation services, unless an extension is agreed to by all parties
    • Should an agreement be reached, mediator drafts settlement agreement and provides to all parties, including the Hearing Coordinator, within five business days
      • Agreement must be signed by both parties
  5. Mediator returns all case files/records to DVR within 10 days upon case closure