Re-Employment Services (RES)

Within the Department of Workforce Development, the Division of Employment and Training (DET) and the Division of Unemployment Insurance (UI) work collaboratively to provide a formalized program for jobseekers required to look for work, as a condition of receiving UI benefits, which is referred to as our Re-employment Services (RES) program. The intent of this initiative is to move people from unemployment to employment quickly. With this program, on-line services and information is combined with local services available through the Wisconsin Job Center system, maximizing partnerships between a variety of agencies working together to assist job seekers. These partnerships include representatives from Wisconsin Job Service, Workforce Development Boards, Veteran organizations, and other federal, state or local agencies working collaboratively.

In accordance with both state and federal directives, we are required to:

New requirements and service strategies were implemented in March 2015 for our RES program. These changes apply to all UI claimants required to look for work. Claimants go through several compliance steps, including:

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Participants are selected for RES after they file a UI claim, are determined as being required to search for work, have successfully registered on the website, and have received their first UI payment.

Using a triage-based methodology, our program is designed to determine what level of service is appropriate to help a customer become re-employed more quickly. Some customers conduct their job seeking efforts independently, some get connected with a variety of online services to assist them, and others needing more in-depth assistance will be scheduled to participate with in-person services to do a more in-depth assessment and overview to help eliminate barriers that may be keeping someone unemployed longer.

The overarching goals of RES are to help UI claimants get connected to services to get them re-employed more quickly

If you still want to learn more about RES, visit the RES Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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