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13.1 Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program | 13.1.2 Funding and File Coordination for Co-Enrolled Participants

13.1.2 Funding and File Coordination for Co-Enrolled Participants

Effective date: April 19, 2021

When a participant in the Adult Program, Dislocated Worker Program, and/or Youth Program is co-enrolled in the TAA Program, TAA Program funds must be the primary source of funds used to serve them.1 The co-enrollment requirement with the Dislocated Worker Program does not change this; Title I funding may only be used to provide services that are not allowable or are denied under the TAA Program.2 For example, TAA Program participants who are co-enrolled in the Dislocated Worker Program benefit from access to supportive services and post-employment follow-up services offered by the Dislocated Worker Program that TAA Program funds do not support.3

If a participant is already engaged in training through the Adult Program, Dislocated Worker Program, or Youth Program at the time they become eligible for the TAA Program and their training is approved under the TAA Program, the costs for their training must shift to the TAA Program at the next logical break in training, such as the end of a semester.4 Training plans approved under a Title I program may be amended by the TAA Program to provide a participant with additional training services.5

DWD-DET encourages Title I career planners to upload any documentation that is relevant to both programs to the participant's ASSET case file to help ensure coordinated service delivery. Either the Dislocated Worker Program or the TAA Program must ensure any credential or measurable skill gain that the participant attains is recorded in ASSET. To see how co-enrollment impacts the credential attainment rate and the measurable skill gain performance indicators, see 11.5.7 Credential Attainment Rate and 11.5.8 Measurable Skill Gain.