WIOA Title I-A & I-B Policy & Procedure Manual
Ch. 1) Administration and Governance

1.6 Maintenance and Retention of Records

1.6.3 Electronic Systems of Record

Effective date: July 1, 2020

Revised date: September 4, 2020

DWD-DET has developed and maintains several electronic systems of record for the various types of records required to manage and administer WIOA Title I funded programs:

  • ASSET (Automated System Support for Employment and Training) is the system of record for pertinent participant-related information including eligibility, service provision, case notes, and performance reporting.
  • CEPT (Comprehensive Employment Planning Toolkit) is the required system of record for economic self-sufficiency determinations and the preferred system of record for individual employment plans (IEP) and individual service strategies (ISS).
    (NOTE: CEPT may become the required system of record for IEPs and ISSs in the future.)
  • COMET (Contract Management and Expenditure Tracking) is the system of record for all DWD-DET grantee grant/contract fiscal reporting.
  • SOLAR (Sharing of Local Area Resources) is the system of record for American Job Center Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) including Job Center infrastructure costs and other shared delivery system costs.
  • JCW Business (Job Center of Wisconsin Business) is the system of record for business services provided through the one-stop delivery system and performance reporting related to business service activities.
  • RRETS (Rapid Response Events Tracking System) is the system of record for Rapid Response activities.

DWD-DET requires local WDBs and their subrecipients to use the appropriate systems of record to maintain WIOA grant-related data. Information entered in the electronic systems of record must be supported by all relevant documentation required throughout this policy manual. This documentation may be maintained in paper files or electronic filing systems, including the use of ASSET's document upload functionality. It is not necessary to maintain both paper and electronic records as long as the electronic record contains all required documentation. Local WDBs must have documentation, data entry, and quality assurance policies and/or procedures in place to ensure the integrity of the data provided to DWD-DET. DWD-DET will monitor data integrity and conduct data validation, at minimum, on an annual basis.1

Information entered in DWD-DET's electronic systems of record is considered part of DWD-DET's records and will be retained in accordance with ADM00013 – Grant Documentation.2 This includes participant-specific documents uploaded to ASSET using the document upload functionality.

  • 1 WIOA Sec. 185(c)(3); TEGL 7-18, p. 2; Using its discretion, DWD-DET determined that it will monitor data integrity and conduct data validation at least once per year.
  • 2 Email from DWD Records Management to DWD-DET, 12/4/2019