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Safety works for employers because it can improve the bottom-line costs of doing business. An effective safety plan and lower injury rates can result in significant savings for employers by lowering the costs of worker’s compensation insurance premiums. Injury prevention reduces training and recruitment costs. A safe workplace makes it easier for employers to meet production schedules and provide good customer service.


Safety works for employees because it keeps them on the job. Safe employees are able to remain productive and produce high quality work. Employees in safe workplaces experience higher morale and greater productivity.

And, safety works for customers because of the overall lowered costs for goods produced and services provided.

NEW! COVID-19 Information

Workers who are concerned that their employer is not keeping their workplace safe from COVID-19 threats have several options. As with any workplace safety and health concerns and guidance, the first source of information and guidance resides with the employer. Employees can reach out to their Immediate Supervisor; Site Safety and Health/EHS Manager, and/or Human Resources Representative; Site Operations Manager or Supervisor; or Employer Division/Corporate Safety and Health/EHS Manager, and/or Human Resources policy makers.

Filing a Complaint

Workers at private-sector employers also may file a complaint with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Wisconsin is one of more than two dozen states whose private-sector workplace safety complaint and enforcement systems are under the federal government's jurisdiction. For more information:

Public-sector workers in Wisconsin generally are covered under safety and health protections administered through or in partnership with the state Department of Safety and Professional Services and Department of Administration.

COVID-19 Guidance

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Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

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