How to Obtain a License to Represent a Party at a Hearing

The Department of Workforce Development may issue a license to someone who is not an attorney. This license allows a non-attorney to represent injured workers, employers and insurance carriers at worker's compensation hearings. To obtain a license a person shall:

  1. Complete the Application for Permit to Appear (Form WKC-35), provide the supporting documentation requested on the form, and submit to the Worker's Compensation Division for approval.
  2. After obtaining 3 signed WKC-35 forms following representation of a party at 3 formal hearings, complete the Application for License (Form WKC-34) and mail all 4 forms to:

    Worker's Compensation Division
    Attn: Office Manager
    P.O. Box 7901
    Madison, WI 53707
    Phone: (608) 266-1340

The Department will check the references listed on the WKC-34 form and consult with the administrative law judge who signed the WKC-35 forms before determining whether to grant the applicant a license. The Department reviews and renews licenses annually.