Temporary Partial Disability

In case of partial disability occasioning a wage loss, proportionate compensation is paid. The computation of TPD is set forth by section 102.43(2) of the Wisconsin Statutes:

"If the injury causes partial disability, during the partial disability, such proportion of the weekly indemnity rate for total disability as the actual wage loss of the injured employee bears to the injured employee's average weekly wage at the time of injury."

For example: If an employee's Temporary Total Disability (TTD) rate is $600 per week and he/she is offered work within the temporary physical limitations at 75% of his/her wage, he/she remains entitled to 25% of $600 per week until an end of healing or a return to the previous wage, whichever occurs first.

Use the wage-loss formula and examples in the TPD worksheet, in the WKC-7359-E form to compute the amount of TPD due for any given week.