Costs for Copies of Medical Records and Reports


An employee who reports a work-related injury waives any physician-patient privilege with respect to any condition reasonably related to the condition for which the employee claims compensation.

The health care provider shall, upon request, provide any party or the department with requested information or written material reasonably related to the injury.

The allowable charges for copies of certified medical records are the greater of 45 cents per page or $7.50 per request plus the actual cost of postage. Charges for paper copies of medical records sold to the patient or a person authorized by the patient to receive the medical records are not subject to Wisconsin sales tax. In addition, sales of electronic copies of medical records that are transmitted electronically are also not subject to Wisconsin sales tax.

Practitioner's Final Medical Report:

A treating practitioner may charge a reasonable fee for the completion of the final report, but may not require prepayment of that fee. If there is a dispute regarding the fee being charged for the report, the dispute may be submitted to the department for resolution under s. 102.16 (2) Wis. Stats.