How to Write an Injury Report

An employer covered by the provisions of ch. 102. Stats., shall, within one day after the death of an employee due to a compensable injury, report the death to the division and the employer's insurance carrier by telegraph, telephone, letter, facsimile transmission or other means authorized by the division on a case-by-case basis as communication technologies change. An insured employer shall also notify its insurance carrier of a compensable injury within 7 days after the accident or beginning of a disability from occupational disease related to the employee's compensable injury if any of the following occurs:

  1. Disability exists beyond the 3rd day after the employee leaves work as a result of the accident or disease. In counting the days on which disability exists, include Sunday only if the employee usually works on Sunday.
  2. An employer's insurance carriers have primary liability for unpaid medical treatment.

Please include the Worker's Compensation Division's claim number or the Social Security number of the worker on all correspondence, compensation reports and medical reports.