How To Report Fraud

To report fraud, complete this email web form , or mail us at the following address:

State of Wisconsin
Worker's Compensation Division
P.O. Box 7901
Madison, WI 53707-7901

If you write the Division to report fraud, please provide the following information:

1. The name of person committing fraud;
2. The person's address (at least the municipality);
3. A description of the alleged fraudulent activity in as much detail as you can provide; and
4. The employer at the time of the injury (if you know who it is).

Anyone who contacts the Division to report fraud may remain anonymous.

If you do leave your name, the Department will not use it in its public reports. However, you should assume that at some point your name could become part of a legal record which -- even though it is not open to the general public -- might be available to the injured worker, the employers and the insurance carriers who are parties to the alleged worker's compensation injury.

Generally, the Department will refer the matter to an insurance carrier for investigation. The carrier will be required to report back to the Department the results of its investigation. However, by law (See section 102.125 of the Wisconsin Statutes), an insurer is not required to report back until it is satisfied that making the results of investigation known to the Department will not hurt their ability to handle the worker's compensation claim.

Based on the results of the insurer's investigation, the Department will make a decision about whether there is a reasonable basis to believe fraud has occurred. If so, the Department will refer the case to the Wisconsin Department of Justice or local District Attorney for prosecution. An assistant attorney general or the local District Attorney must then decide whether to start criminal proceedings. (See section 943.20, s.943.38, s. 943.39, s. 943.392, s. 943.395, s.943.40 of the Wisconsin Statutes.)

Due to strict DWD confidentiality laws, we cannot confirm or deny an investigation initiated by a WC Fraud submission or disclose information about an employer or claimant.

Fraud Statutes and Rules

Fighting Questionable or Fraudulent Claims