Insurance Coverage Lookup

The Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau (WCRB) has designed a worker's compensation insurance coverage lookup application to assist in the lookup of an employer's insurance carrier.

Who Uses the Lookup?

The Insurance Coverage Lookup provides a means for:

The Coverage Lookup and Employers

Wisconsin law requires most employers to provide workers' compensation insurance. The Coverage Lookup provides information for:

  1. Employers that have purchased a Wisconsin worker's compensation insurance policy
  2. Employers (parent companies and their subsidiaries) that have obtained State of Wisconsin approval to self-insure.

Employer and insurance carrier information is updated weekly.

Search Criteria

The Coverage Lookup allows users to determine the insurance company that was covering the business on the date of an injury using the folllowin search criteria:

The Coverage Lookup can also be used to determine if an employer has a current Wisconsin worker's compensation insurance policy.

Insurance Coverage Lookup

The Insurance Coverage Lookup is located on the WCRB web site and an insurance carrier name, address and telephone number is provided.