Worker's Compensation and Process for Handling Work Injuries and Illness

When one of your employees is injured on the job, first make sure that he or she receives any necessary medical attention.


24 hours after fatal incident

All employers must report all work related fatalities to the Worker's Compensation Division, Madison Office, within 24 hours of the incident. Work related fatalities can be phoned in by calling (608) 266-1340 or faxed in at (608) 267-0394.

7 days after injury

Insured employers must report any claim of an injury to their insurance carrier within 7 days.

More than 3 days lost time from work?

Self-insured employers and insurance carriers must report injuries which result in more than 3 days lost time from work to the Worker's Compensation Division:

Various medical forms as well as final payment reports may be required as well.

Failure to Report

If an employer intentionally fails to file a report of injury, the employer may be assessed a penalty for bad faith up to $30,000 or 200 percent of compensation due.

An employer may be assessed a 10 percent penalty for delay in reporting an injury with the delay causing an untimely payment to the employee. If the penalty amount is not paid by the designated date, a default order may be issued.