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Wednesday, January 18, 2017
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#AccountableGov Update: Unemployment Insurance Tax Statements for 2016 Now Available Online


MADISON – The Department of Workforce Development (DWD) is reminding state residents who received Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits last year that they must report UI benefits as taxable income on their 2016 tax returns, and that their 1099-G income tax statements for the year are easily accessible through UI's secure and confidential online system.

UI benefits are considered taxable income for both federal and state income taxes, and the 1099-G form shows the amount in UI benefits a claimant received during the previous year.

To access 1099-G tax statements, claimants can go to http://dwd.wisconsin.gov/uiben/1099.htm and then follow a few easy steps to obtain an electronic copy of their 2016 benefit payment records. Claimants can also sign up to receive an email alert to be notified when future 1099-G forms are available online.

In response to customer service trends toward the convenience of online self-service, DWD intends to continue phasing out the mass mailing of paper 1099-G forms by January 2018, when 2017 statements will be available through UI's secure and confidential online system. In addition, claimants who have logged onto UI's online benefits services system since October 1, 2015, are being notified their 1099-G statements for 2016 will be accessible online and that they should not expect to be mailed paper copies. DWD will continue to mail paper copies upon request.

By accessing UI's secure, confidential online benefit system and obtaining 1099-G forms electronically, claimants will have immediate access to their tax information for UI. Additionally, the transition from paper mailings to e-copies of 1099-G forms will save tens of thousands of dollars in annual processing, printing and mailing costs. In calendar year 2016 alone, DWD saved nearly $44,000 in printing and mailing costs by discontinuing the mailing of paper copy 1099-G forms to UI claimants who've logged onto the UI online portal at least once since October 2015.

DWD securely stores 1099-G forms online for all claimants to access and print for their records. Claimants' statements are available online for the past six years, which is helpful if claimants have to file amended tax returns. The UI Division is required to send 1099-G information to the Internal Revenue Service and the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

For more information, please visit http://unemployment.wisconsin.gov or http://dwd.wisconsin.gov/uiben