Construction Registered Apprenticeships

How Do I Apply?

Construction registered apprenticeships are sponsored by local committees, not individual employers. Follow the steps below to jumpstart your apprenticeship.

  1. Search for a local committee that fits your apprenticeship occupation.
  2. Apply directly to the local committee by visiting their website. Satisfy the committee's minimum entry requirements, which may include an aptitude test, interview, and more.
  3. The committee will notify qualified applicants as to the next steps.
  4. The committee will place apprentices in jobs using a rank order list or letter of introduction.
    • The rank order lists candidates by their accumulative scores. When an employer requests an apprentice, the committee contacts the next apprentice on the list.
    • The committee will provide a letter of introduction stating that the applicant has fulfilled the entry requirements for an apprenticeship. It is then the responsibility of the applicant to find an employer to sponsor their apprenticeship. The committee may provide a list of employers who work with that committee to the applicant to use.

Explorer Construction Apprenticeships in Wisconsin:

Construction apprenticeships are applied for through local committees.

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