Performance Indicators

The report lists three groups:

Large Claim Volume: Those insurers with a claim volum of 400 or more paid claims in the previous calendar year.

Medium Claim Volume: Those insurers with a claim value of less than 400 but at least 65 paid claims in the previous calendar year.

Small Claim Volume: Those insurers with a claim volume of less than 65 paid claims in the previous year, but at least 65 claims in the previous three-year period.

Insurers are listed by NAIC number and name or as a named self-insured employer. Performance data will be listed for individual insurers, not combined for the same corporate holding company or group, and both the assessment of performance and the enforcement proceedings under DWD 80.02(3) will be made for each individual company insuring the risk.

Insurers who are the best performers are listed first for the individual indicators. Rankings for insurers is based on volume. For large insurers, it is quarterly data, for medium, it is year-to-date and for small, it is 3-year. 

The statistical summary portions of this report are in the public domain. The claims detail is confidential and only accessible to insurers under password protection to assist insurers in assessing and improving their performance.

Insurers and/or claim administrators may access the claims detail by entering their DWD/Wisconsin Logon user IDs and passwords. Insurers and/or claim administrators who wish to see sample copies of standard letters used by the Division and referenced in the detail, such as WC77 or WC45, can view these sample letters by accessing a list of them at Standard Letters on the website.  Call (608)266-1340 or email Bureau of Claims Management if you want more explanation of this report or the detail or to correct information reflected in the report.

Table of Contents:  

Indicator 1: Promptness of Submitting First Reports of Injury, WKC-12
Indicator 2: Promptness of First Indemnity Payments
Indicator 3: Promptness of Submitting First Supplement Reports (WKC-13)
Indicator 4: Promptness of Submitting Final Payment Reports (WKC-13) - Publication Of Indicator 4 Is Suspended Until Further Notice
Indicator 5: Promptness of Submitting Final Medical Reports -  Publication Of Indicator 5 Is Suspended Until Further Notice
Indicator 6: Accuracy of Weekly Rates and Total Payments
Indicator 7: Completeness of Submitting Required Wage Supplement Reports
Indicator 8: Promptness of Responding to Claims Correspondence 
Indicator 9: Surcharges and Penalties Issued 
Indicator 10: Promptness of Submitting Wage Reports


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